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Diamond drilling is a process of drilling a hole ranging from 7mm dimeter to1100mm through r/c/mass concrete/brick work/stone to the required depths needed.

Diamond Wiresawing

Diamond wiresawing is a high powered saw with diamond-infused wire which is fed through a sequence of guide pulleys and passed through or around the section of concrete that needs cutting. 

Diamond Chain Sawing

Diamond chain sawing is great for cutting openings without needing holes in the corners. This is  due to the shape of the saw which  allows to cut tight to the edge without over cuts 

Shot Blasting

shot/grit blasting is a process of high compressed air that blasts required sized grit/glass/sand out of a wand to clean steel or remove layers of concrete aggregate to required finish.

Concrete Chasing

Chasing is mainly for new cable/pipe routes can be cut to what ever widths needed with different types of saws to achive required depth.

Soft Strip Demotlion

soft strip is usually removal of all unrequired carpets/plaster/walls/fixture and fittings to be removed.

Stich Drilling

Stich drilling is a process of continued diamond drilling in a sequence on a continuous basis side by side to form any size of opening required.

Remote Controlled Demolition

Controlled Demolition/Brokking is a remote controlled electric powered machine with multiple attachments available  that can be used mostly anywhere to demolish anything with the operator at a safe distance away.


Floorsawing is a widely used process for cutting expansion joints into newly poured concrete slabs.

Rock Drilling

Rock drilling is a numatic drill on a chariot that drills with compressed air to turn a specialist bit into the required surface minimizing HAVS 

Concrete Crunching

Crunching is great for very low noise demolition but can be restricted by thickness of slab/wall.

Magnetic Drilling

Mag Drilling is the perfect tool to drill into RSJ beams  for bolts or services required to go through steels.

Diamond Tracksawing

Tracksawing is a high powered diamond saw on  a tracked system operated by remote control from a safe distance to cut depths up to 1000mm deep and as long a cut as required.

Hydralic Bursting

This method is used mainly for areas where noise is a issue this is the most silent of all demolition works with a hydraulic head loaded with pistons that push out a huge force of  hydraulic pressure to crack even the most stubborn of concrete 

Floor preparation

Floor preparation is grinding, scabbling , polishing  floor/wall to required finish for the client.


Ringsawing is a hand held saw and is a very handy way to cut openings under 300mm thick slabs/walls.

Cut & Carve Demolition

This is usually for jobs that require demolition so require segregation cuts from remaining slabs/walls for the demolition to commence.

Flush cutting

Flush cutting is perfect for cutting tight to slab/walls with the perfect set up you can leave a flush edge to the required area so lips will be left .


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